About KOAL

KOALKOAL is acronym from the word Klient based on the Polish spelling and the words Oriented, Architect and Led.  The name represents the founding principles that the Architect shall lead the project team to create a competent design solution that is oriented around the clients' needs.  

We strive to build strong and lasting client relationships by providing the highest quality project possible within the client’s budget.  Listening to our clients allows us to orient our services in a way that will achieve the important goals specific to each client’s project.  Each client benefits from two decades of design and construction experience including the practice of sustainable architecture through a LEED Accredited Professional.  Harnessing this knowledge allows for responsible budgeting oversight.  Evaluating alternative systems, materials and methods ensures you the best value for dollars spent without sacrificing the intrinsic aesthetic value of the project.

We offer a traditioanl architectural design-bid-build service, design-build delivery method and construction management at risk service for Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.  In order to determine which delivery method is appropriate the goals and objectives for the project as well as any unique challanges the project may have must be considered.  When you schedule a consultation with us we can assist you in determining which method would potential deliver the most succesful project. 

Regardless on your choice of delivery method effective communication and collaboration throughout the project is paramount to the success of the project.    We at KOAL look forward to meeting with you to discuss your project.